BC HighwayCam Terms of Use and Subscription Services

Attention: This page is intended for web developers, webmasters and any other persons reproducing or posting BC HighwayCam pages or digital images on their website or in other applications.

Please read the following important information.

The following terms, including without limitation, the Terms of Use set out below are not in any way intended to and do not in any way, limit or narrow the application, interpretation or operation of the terms, including without limitation, disclaimers and limitations of liability, governing  access to and use of any other sites, including the DriveBC website, but are in addition to any and all such terms. 

Web developers are reminded that any use of BC HighwayCam images and pages, including without limitation,  by posting of such images on websites,  is subject to the “Terms of Use” set out below. Use other than in accordance with the Terms of Use is not in any way whatsoever authorized, approved, supported or endorsed by either unauthorized the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure or the Provincial government (collectively, the “Province”). Webmasters and any other persons wishing to use webcam images on their sites are to apply for a Webcam License Agreement (see link below), which among other things results in the webmaster being registered with the Province.  Once registered, you may be entitled access to an XML file with current BC Webcam data, as well as updates on the development and changes to the BC HighwayCams site.

Terms of Use

  • Without the prior written permission of the Province, use of images for resale, including without limitation, with digital devices;  in public events or displays where a fee is charged for entry or viewing; or on websites that require a public registration or any other fee; is strictly prohibited;

  • Webcam images must not be distorted, or otherwise modified, covered or cropped in any way;

  • The DriveBC watermark and timestamp at the bottom of each image must not be modified, cropped or covered in any way;

  • The following credit wording in favour of the Province for use of the images must be shown clearly on your site or application:

    “BC HighwayCam images courtesy of DriveBC.ca and BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.”

  • The Province is in no way whatsoever responsible for any use of or reliance on, any of the BC HighwayCam images and pages, whether or not in accordance with the Terms of Use and whether or not subject to the Webcam Licence Agreement, and any such use or reliance is at the sole risk of the person undertaking the use and without any recourse whatsoever against the Province or any of the employees, consultants, advisors or agents of the Province.  The Province will have no responsibility, obligation or liability whatsoever in contract, tort or otherwise in respect of any claims by any person, for any matter whatsoever arising out of, in connection with or relating in any way to any use of or reliance on, the BC HighwayCam images and pages, whether or not in accordance with the Terms of Use and whether or not subject to the Webcam Licence Agreement.

Webcam License Agreement information: http://www.gov.bc.ca/com/copyright.html
(Please note, a fee will be charged for the Webcam License Agreement)

General questions regarding BC HighwayCams: TRANBMClientRelations@gov.bc.ca