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Northern, Southern Interior and Vancouver Island images will update every 15 to 30 minutes; Lower Mainland images will update about every two to 15 minutes.

Attention motorists:

Winter tire and chain-up regulations in effect from October 1 to March 31.
Regulations vary province to province.
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Attention motorists:
Spring weather can make highway conditions in B.C. unpredictable, particularly through high mountain passes. Please be prepared and be aware that winter tires and chains may still be needed. More information

Learn about how the flooding in British Columbia is affecting travel and how we are working to resolve the issues.

Visit this map to see highway closure information.We are currently experiencing wildfires affecting travel.
Visit this map to see highway closure information.

Blue River
Hwy 5 at Shell Rd., looking north-east. (elevation: 686 metres)

Weather Forecast (from Environment Canada)

Hwy 5, approximately 40 km north of Blue River, looking south.
Blue River
Hwy 5 at Shell Rd., looking north-east.
Messiter Summit
Hwy 5, about 20 km south of Blue River and 19 km north of Avola, looking north.
Wire Cache
Hwy 5, about 15 km south of Avola, looking north.

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